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PBIR - Friday May 1st

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I am gonna head to PBIR on Friday May 1st to remove some cobwebs. Anyone else going? If so, hit me back so we can hook up there.

Also, for those who have been there already, any advice on the lines or video?

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I probably won't make it on 5/1, just want some time on the track before going out there during a CCS practice day.

But I am going to go by there Tuesday night for their open testing to see how that is, and if it looks good I will ride there the following Tuesday.
Yeah I know, I have the option of riding in the Frank Kinsey school group but it is a little too slow. He does offer for you to ride in the school group for the first 20 to learn the line, I will definitely do that since it has been 6 months since on the track and not on that one. Let me know how it is.

Also, what is your opinion of going on a CCS practise day?


well the CCS practice days are cheaper, but it's definitely a different environment. Much less relaxed.

I will let you know how it is on Tuesday.
I'll be there as of Friday With CCS. Just look for #420 if you need anything or if you have any questions.

If you plan on going out, just step up your pace a little and you'll be fine lol.
Cool thanks! Have you been on the track yet? The videos that I found show that the line is pretty easy to figure out. I will look for you when I get there and maybe hook behind you for a lap or 2. No problem picking up the pace, I love speed!

Here is a pic of my bike in case you spot me first, or just look for the marvin the martian stickers...


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Nice bike.
Yeah, I raced there in March and brought home a couple podiums too lol. It's a really nice wide track and has a smooth surface. You'll enjoy your time out there.:thumbsup:
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