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Well guys, in case you all didn't hear the new news about PBIR. They have listened to what we have been asking (not splitting time with cagers and the price).

So they are now doing the "Open Test and Tune" on MONDAY NIGHTS for bikes only.

The new (lower) price is $175.00 from 5-10PM.

See here: said:
Motorcycle Test & Tune is $175 per rider, 5pm - 10pm Must be in a current rated full face helmet, with long pants, boots and leather jackets at least. Full leathers are preferred. 1 Hour Instruction School $100.

We were planning on going up there tonight and just checking it out, but I think we are going to go ahead and ride. So who's in?
I know, short notice...
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So is this "Test n tune" gonna be available EVERY Monday?:popcorn2:

Talked to Chris today, they are all set, going to be there tonight to check things out!
I hope so, would be nice to be able to go up there and ride whenever you want.

There is no tech inspections, no requirements, just an honor system.

Be safe, etc...

Passing may be the only issue because of insurance reasons....

There will be a control rider in the Amateur groups (;)) Someone you may all know :D

Not sure how many will be there tonight, we'll see.
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don't you have to be a licensed racer to be on test and tune days???
don't you have to be a licensed racer to be on test and tune days???
Not for these no, for the CCS sanctioned practices yes. Or be in the Frank Kinsey school.
This is sweet. :thumbsup:
so, did anybody go last monday??? how is light conditions??? i want to go next monday.
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