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pc3 or tfi

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was considering a power commander 3 or a tfi system to manage my fuel system. had good numbers and performance with the tfi system on my 954, but others swear by the power commander. with the power commander, you need a labtop or pc in the garage for switching maps, the tfi only has potentiometer adjustments, but adjustments can be made quite simply with a pocket screwdriver. then again there is the price tag issue. the pc3 is about $275 and i got a price of $125.00 on the tfi. but ease of installation for the pc3 is a straight forward plug in, the tfi needs to be spliced in. anyone else gonna use a fuel manager of any sort. positive or negative feedback appreciated
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Nice thing about the P.C. is that most dyno centers are set up with Dynojet software to make custom maps. I have a buddy who bought the Yosh box, and after he realized there was a serious lack of available maps and mapping centers, he ended up getting the P.C.

Plug-N-Play and mad access to maps online is a definite plus.
With the Yosh EMS you can just plug in the values, they are the same as for a PC. They adjust the fuel curve + or - over the stock fuel setting and the number values are the same fo PC and EMS.
It does kind of suck that you can't just download it right in but all you have to do is plug in the numbers.
With the EMS you can also adjust the timing and you also have the options that are accessable like the shift light, three way map switch, adjustable gear offset w/3 different maps per gear, and clutchless shifting.
The tfi I know can only add fuel.

michaelrc51 said:
adjustable gear offset w/3 different maps per gear, and clutchless shifting.
Can you confirm those features are available on a Honda? I think those maybe Suzuki only features.

To me these devices are only as good as the map on it. The question comes down to which one you can get the best map. Dynojet is the only company I know provide a comprehensive setup to tune/map fuel injected bike.
The Yosh is a decent setup, but with all the accessory modules you have to buy to do all those things, I think he ended up spending in the $650 range (I believe you can spend in the $800 range if you buy everything?? :shock: ). All to find out he didn't need it, and could've gotten better support from a product that's 1/3 the cost.
Here are the settings I just received from Techlusion via email for their settings...

"3,3,2,4:30 stock, 3,4:30,3,4:30 with air cleaners and slipon together. "
And that's supposed to compete with a custom tuned map? :roll:
It comes down to not wanting to break out a laptop to tune my bike. This I can tune on a dyno or on the street with a simple twist on one or more of the 4 little knobs. The curve on my 929 could not have been drawn smoother with the TFI. However, more then one of my buddies have sent their PCIII's back???
I'm sorry, how often are you "tuning" your bike? Once I was satisfied with the map on my 929, it stayed like that for 3 years. It takes 30 seconds (Literally) to hook up a lap top and fire up the software, and if it's on the dyno, the tuner should be running that software on it anyway. It's infinitely accurately adjustable, and the standard in the industry. I'm not trying to pimp the P.C., but for the $125 difference, I wouldn't buy anything else if I was seriously looking for accurate duplicatable positive results.

My .02
I'm here for the education... Thank you... As for how often, once... It lasted 3 years as well.
...and overall support is better. They have user submitted maps on their site, Dan Kyle being one of them.

As for "most" dealers having the Tuning Link Software, I disagree. A few might have it, but not many. ONE in all of Hampton Roads has it, and the guy is an ass - prefers only to work on Ducs. Anything else is crap to him, though he sells Aprilia now too. Anyway, "most" have a Dynojet dyno with some software available to edit maps and such, but you can dl that from the DJ website. The Tuning Link Software is a $15000 package and you need an eddy current dyno and EGA to go along with it.
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