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PCM3 Quick Launch - Switch n Power useage

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My bike has these installed... Came with bike all setup for previous owner.
Iv never used them before so im looking for some questions answered.

1st i understand 1st gear uses clutch:) but afterwards i guess you would use clucth still if running light? light traffic towns etc?

Up shifting without clutch. if my understanding is correct the PCM wont cut power for gear changing until RPMS are at a minimum of around 3500RPM or what ever the setting is in the unit?

So if this is true trying to up shift without clutch below this would be bad for gearbox even if it still works albeit clunky a lot of the time?

When up shifting i should keep the acceleration even or reving up as i change gear but not neutral revs / coasting throttle level as it could cause issues perhaps? iv found when giving beans 3rd onwards the hgiher the rpm the smoother the shift?

Down shifting, iv not worked this out yet, auto blipping engine braking down shifting doesnt seem to Blip if at all noticble but does change. but im thinking im doing something wrong. should throttle level be a gradual decrease and down shift? i dont want do do something unsafe and fuck my self newbishly.

Lastly i understand it has some kid of quick launch triggered with the same button that does the pit lane speed limiter? how does this work and how do i use it?

Any help advice would be most appreciated.

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