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PCV 08 bike won't Start

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Bike starts without PC5.... stock harnes. with PC5 and Z-Bomb on TPS but won't start with the PC5 connected to the injectors.... Any Ideas? PC has Power and registers TPS data on Laptop.... HELP!
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Thanks.. might be my problem.... But my serial number is 09020200xx and I have connectors for each injector which is different that the link suggested. Seems to Flood out right away... get a short pop after it crack for about 3 seconds with the PC... when you switch back to stock.. Have to hold it WFO to clear the flooding.. and then it runs pretty good... after with stock wiring starts immediately off the starter. I've taken out the Zbomb and has the same effect... Any other ideas?
Since you have the Zbomb I doubt this is the issue but worth mentioning. Is the PCV connected in-line with the TPS and Z-bomb? We have had many customers connect the TPS of the PCV to the MAP sensor which is located to the back of the air box. This will cause the bike to not start.

Let me know what you find.
OK... Thanks for the replies... Brad helped me troubleshoot this morning... I'm embarrassed to say I was caught on Amateur Hour.. the PC5 was connect to the "Secondary Injector" Connected to the Primary injectors and all is well. Sorry for the oops.
Connecting the PCV to the uppers would not cause the bike to not start????
Make sure the PCV is connected to the primary injectors on the bottom and not the secondary injectors on the top
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