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Pearl White 2009 CBR1000RR

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Just picked her up today. 0.0 miles, right out of the crate! I'm coming off a 2007 R6 that was stolen 2 months ago, but I can't say I'm worse off for it!

Fender Elim, R&G Frame/Engine sliders, brake lines, Leo Vince, Bazzaz, Sato hooks, seat cowl coming soon. Looking forward to getting to know you folks on the forum.

- Pat
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you dick...haha..jk sweet bike man....have fun!
Great looking bike. Enjoy
Nice, white bikes looke great. Enjoy
That white is so pimp. Wish they had that color when I got my bike.
thanks guys, i am superhappy about my pimperish bike. i was looking at the new R1's with the crossplanes, and although i respect what they're trying to do, that bike is a fatass. saw the white cbr1000rr and it was game over. i think i got the better bike anyway in the end ;)
love it in white
She's a beauty. Congrats and welcome. :th_salute:
congrats! that white is awesome!
looking good..
Nice bike man...looks like my boys at the shop at atlanta motor world. you live around here?
Yup, the Atlanta Motor World crew, Sean, Nick, Jack, Chris... great guys. I've been riding around all day and totally falling in love with the thing.
1 - 20 of 61 Posts
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