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People suck - hit and run

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I'm currently taking classes at the University of Cincinnati and working part time. Last Thursday I went in to work around 3:45 after I was done with classes. The only thing I had eaten that day was a bowl of cereal around 10am. I was planning to just see how things were going, stay for maybe an hour, then go home for some dinner and work from home the rest of the night.

Things were pretty busy and I ended up staying until after 6, at which point I was starving and mentally exhausted. So I walk outside to my bike, and there's a note on the seat. I read it, then took a step back and started to notice all the damage on my bike.

The note was from a guy who witnessed the accident - it said a silver suzuki SUV hit me then bolted and it had some phone numbers and a license plate number.
So I call the police.
They take their time getting there.
I give them all the information I had.
They tell me I'll be contacted by Tuesday.

Wednesday night I get a message from a detective saying he ran the license plate and it belongs to a blue Kia... ****ing **** *** **** *****!!!
Either the witness was wrong, or the plates were on the wrong car... and either way I'm screwed.

The damage:
The tail fairing is all scratched up and cracked in 2 places, the extension on the right peg was completely broken off (including the threads on the peg, so the whole thing has to be replaced), the rearset was bent, the passenger peg is badly scratched, the right upper fairing and front fairing have light scratches around where they meet, the mirror housing is scratched and won't hold its position anymore, and the right crankcase cover is scratched. I took pics of everything with my phone, but only the peg and tail damage really showed up in the pics.

I'm pretty upset about it because before this my bike was 100% mint, now I'm embarrassed to ride it until I get at least the tail fairing fixed.

I've now had damage done to my accord, my mazdaspeed 6, and my 1000rr in the last year, and even though none of it was my fault I've had to pay for all of it. Why can't people take responsibility for their actions and not be cowardly assholes?


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Even if the license plate number was right they wouldn't have done anything for you. On Jan 1st I was involved in a hit and run, guy tagged the right fender of my truck and took off. So i chased him and got his license plate and called 9-1-1. the officer came out to where I was waiting, took the report, gave me a paper and told me i had to file it through my insurance. Well I contacted my insurance and they couldn't do anything cause I only have liability, but she did give me the guys name and home address. The Department of Licensing sent me another paper in the mail stating they need a written estimate and if he doesn't pay me they will suspend his license. This is the kicker, his name is Ramon Chavez, he doesn't have a license, he lives in the boondocks, and he isn't even legal!! I don't think the address is correct for him cause a few buddies and I have rolled to his place a night to get "payment" and his black 1997 GMC Yukon is never there. So I'm ass'd out.

Oh, and i just got my truck painted 2 months before this happened. Drove all the way from Tacoma, WA to Vallejo, CA to get a custom paint job. No one can match just the damaged section so the whole truck needs to be painted again.
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It was on a corner where bikes always park. The b**** who hit me was parked at a meter in front of where my bike was (the metered spots are HUGE). She was there when I parked and I was at least 4 feet behind her and she was still about 4 feet from the meter -she could have easily just pulled forward to get out.

I forgot to mention she hit the bike hard enough for it to slide about a foot UPHILL after it hit the ground
That sucks, sorry for your pain. After you fix it get a good alarm with a perimeter sensor, this might have saved you if it had gone off and you were close enough to do something about it.
that sux, i had a buddy who left his parked and someone backed into it and it fell over. lots of damage that he didn't have the money to fix. they didn't leave any info. he was screwed as well. i feel for ya, hope it works out and you get it fixed quick.
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