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Pics Finally

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Not the greatest pics but at least I'm finally posting some


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Nice ... now go clean those rims!

meh. Once a season.
by the looks of it his season must be over then...i guess its time to clean them for the upcoming season...

bikes lookin good tho man
Apply the sticker kit for the fairings. 07 best year no doubt for the Repsol.

meh. Once a season.
shit i wax my wheels along with the rest of my bike. Makes it so much easier to keep clean :thumbsup:
Looks good...
Its looking good potna
Haha, I think he knows now his rims are dirty. Those OEM fairings? Looks good.
wrong section
:thumbsup::thumbsup: Nice ride man !!!!
good lookin out.

Very nice, sir.

RoeJoke would have glocked it
Love the 06 - 07 Repsol. Looks better than the 08's
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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