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Pics of my 2008 Race bike

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Thought I would share a picture of my race bike.

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The only other ones I have are on the track. This pic has my Hotbodies bodywork. The first one was with Sharkskinz.

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This is from VIR at the end of the season last year.

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Looks nice. Were the 'skinz worth the extra $$$'s?
Not really.

The Hotbodies fit really well, suprisingly. In the past they were difficult to get mounted properly without alot of work.
Evertyhing fit great except the tail was real tight to get on.

The Sharkskinz required less prep work for paint and and are definately more flexible. In the past for me the Hotbodies have been one crash and done where the Sharkskinz took more abuse.
lookin profess o nal
Thanks. I finally got the tank cover painted for the Hotbodies setup. Its now black.

Just a few things left that I want to do.
Looks good...:thumbsup:
Very cool. Track weekends. THAT'S what life is all about!
'Gotta' love VIR. Great track.
Looks good man.:thumbsup:
The bike looks very good!!! That third pic cracks me up, it looks so little!!! lol
The bike looks very good!!! That third pic cracks me up, it looks so little!!! lol
Yeah I know I'm 6'3.
That is very sweet ......nice suit too.
It is without a doubt the best suit I've owned. I have had Dainese, A-Stars, Joe Rocket, Prexport, Shift and a few others.
Shift was the second best.
Looks great, ajn!! I'm about to do the whole track thing for my 08. What pipe did you put on to clear the Hotbodies? Leo?
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