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Pics or suggestions on rear blinkers/turn signals?

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On my last bike I used K&S short stalks when I made my fender eliminator. They were black with clear lense and a small orange bulb. They were visable enough during the day and night but the bulb orange color would flake off over time. When I install my new evotec fender eliminator, I want to install some turn signals smaller than the OEM ones but still be visable and preferably LEDs so that the bulb coating wont flake.

Anyone running Shock racing or Lockhart Phillips short stalk LEDs with good results?
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I'm running Kellerman signals on can see them on Speiglers website...they are high quality led lights...high price too!!
Got some Rizoma Track 77 indicators, small, bright (use those p4 LEDs or similar - much brighter than normal LEDs) and durable (metal bodies). Highly recommended.
I'm interested in getting a taylormade (or similar) FE kit and installing some small LED lights in the recess just behind and on either side if the tail light. I've looked into LED strips or lights but I'm gonna have tobaee what works. Anybody have suggestions?
Search for Jet City Racer's bike of the month thread. He's got the best setup.
Unless setting your bike up for the track with no turn signals is the "best setup" I'm missing something...
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