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Pirelli Diablo Corsa III

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I found a deal on these tires...$280 question is do u suppose theyre just leftovers from last year? or whats the catch to it?
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Ask for the number on the sidewall it will give you the day and year of production (or is it the moth and year?) GL
KBB the serial code on the sidewall (last 4 digits following the DOT) are indicitave of the WEEK and YEAR.

Example: 0207... week 2 year 2007

remember 52 weeks most years, but sometimes they will stamp a 53 if it turns out weird.
Probably has to do with the size of the rear tire. I've seen the 180/55 for under $200, so I can possibly see a set for $280. But, 190/55 is a bit pricier than that.
pass along the deal please!
That's a good deal - especially if it's a 120/70 and a 190/55 set
Yeah what size is the rear? I might get in on this
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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