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Positive / Negative / Ground on Taillight

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Decided to hook up a clear alternatives taillight tonight and having a hard time. When hooking up the wires from the tailight itself there are 3 wires (red, green & black, assume ground wire?). The wires from the bike are black, black with yellow stripe and black with white stripe. Hate to sound too dumb but I am unable to tell which of the striped wires are positive or negative and I hate to get it wrong and possibly blow the LED lights in the taillight? Couldn't find the info on either the Clear Alternatives website or Mad Mardigens site that has a nice piece on CBR1000 mods. Thanks in advance for any help!
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You don't mention what year you have. Not sure if they change from year to year. For the 2008, the Black/white is 12V for the tail light, the Black/Yellow is for the brake light, and the Black is the ground.
I personally would get a manual but in absence of that(unless someone already knows) you're gonna need to meter and a test light. Ohm from a good ground to all three wires. The one with liitle to no resistance is your ground. Next use a test light, or the meter to determine which is tail and whaich is brake. Easy enough. Turn the key on and the one with 12v is tail. By default the other is brake. Test it though just to verify. Tap either brake and you should be getting 12v at the other wire. Then you'll need to know which wire is left turn and which is right. Just use the same process. As far as which ones are which on the CE part....well you're on your own there. If you don't have the original paperwork I think I remember a post a LOOOOOONG time ago that stated it's on their website somewhere.
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It is an '07, thanks for the feedback, this is an awesome site, ride safe.
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