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For Sale Rules (In order to trade, we prefer you meet the time and post-count requirements)

Members wishing to post items they have for sale are expected to adhere to the rules below:

*** Negative comments about a members product, pricing, etc. will not be tolerated. Please keep these comments to yourself.

*** No ebay links allowed. If you want to sell your item on here then post up all information in your thread about the product. If a member wanted to look at ebay listings they would be on that site.

*** Do not post links to other sites that have information about your for sale item. If you want to sell your item here, the least you can do is list all the information in your thread on this site.

*** No "feeler" threads are allowed. If you're just thinking about selling your item, this is not the place to gauge interest.

*** All items for sale must list a price. Any thread that doesn't have a price listed will be deleted.

**All items for sale must include a picture. Any thread that doesn't have a picture will be deleted.

*** If you are thinking about committing fraud on this site don't. Any and all information available on this site will be sent to the proper authorities if requested. Buyers need to use care when purchasing any product from anyone via internet. We always do our best to protect the members of this site but we are not perfect and will not be held legally responsible for any problem arising from purchases within this section.

***Dont even ask if we will bend the rules on this. If you do ask via pm or email dont expect to get a response.

***Items for sale must be your own. You cannot sell anyone elses stuff one here.

***If you post too many for sale threads, dont be suprised if you get a pm requesting you to become a vendor/sponsor to sell anything else on this site. Dont take advantage of the site.

***IF someone will only accept a money order,western union, or cashiers check, be VERY wary. Using a credit card, or some type of account that will allow you to fund that account with a credit card(paypal,etc.) are the ONLY way to protect yourself from getting ripped off.

***If you receive a PM from someone letting you know they have something for sale, and they do not have the required time/posts on here, we would really appreciate you sending a PM to an admin/mod about it. 99.9% of the time these guys are scammers. We have seen it time after time. Protect yourself as well as your fellow members. Report this type of behavior.

Admin edit:

Some of the above rules no longer apply, but some may. Use your best judgement, as you can be sure I will. As always, Buyer Beware! ;):censored:
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