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power commander problem resolved

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my 08 acted similar when I installed my power commander. Looked everywhere and couldn't figure it out. My friend and I messed with it forever until he noticed the this little hose that connects to the sensor mounted under the bottom of the airbox was off. It is the the sensor that one of the power commander connectors clicks into (same one the bazzaz clicks to). That one little hose on that connector will make it act really funny and make the engine light come on and its hard to see if your not looking close. It is an air sensor of some sort, im sure someone on here knows exactly what it is called. hope that helps!đź‘Ť
I would like to say 2023 and your post ended 4 hours of troubleshooting, re mapping my pcm, replacing the O2, replacing the servo. All because of that little tube! Thank you
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MAP sensor is primary input for load-calculations. It's easy pinch or disconnect
hose when lowering tank.
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