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problems with my new 1000rr

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Alright, so I've been waiting for a year now for the new 1000 and it finally arrives. I don't care about the color so I bought the first one that came into town, and what happens? The freaking thing doesn't run right. I don't think its firing on all four. I'm so ticked off right now I don't know what to do? Anyone got any suggestions? When I bought my 2002 f4i it had a bad ignition coil or something straight out of the box. Ignition coil isn't the right thing but I can't think for the life of me right this sec. what it was. I wonder if Honda has a history of this kind of thing or what the hell is going on. Anyone have any clues? I haven't ripped into yet cause I want to just take it straight back to the dealer and let them deal with it, but then I'll be bikeless once again. I'm so sick of all this crap. Someone help.
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Lets hope it is something simple that they can fix fast. I feel your pain, my 600rr has spent as much time at the shop as it has in my posession over the last 8 months. currently it has been at the shop for almost a month straight. The 1000rr is running perfectly though! Get it back to the dealer and let us know what's goin on.
F4I's were notorious for issues with the Cam Chain Tensioners (Easy Fix), though it sound like you are referring to something else.

Sorry to hear about your issues, this would be the first I have heard anywhere online. I would definetely recommend letting your dealer check it out first. If it's bad outta the crate, they'll take care of you. If you further the issue by screwing with it if you have no idea where to start, they may not cover it.

Kinda hard to help you diagnose with that little info. Hopefully it's something simple.

Make no mistake, if there is one place Honda strives to excel, it's a quality build and reliability.

Good luck and keep us informed.
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