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Project 600RR

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I bought a wrecked 06' CBR600RR and I entended on making it a track bike but I do not have the time. It needs rims, tires, front rotors, gas tank, cluster, radiator, left rearset, and a few other small brackets, bolts, etc. I have the title and it is clear. The guy lowsided it (left) and did not have insurance. The right side of the bike is perfect but all the plastics have been taken off and sold.

Engine, frame, sub frame, and forks all look good with no bends. The bike has 3200 miles on it. I also have the stock exhaust which is perfect. I will take pictures and send if you are serious about inquiring.

750 dollars and it is yours.

Honestly I would say it would take about 3k to get it back to perfect. But well worth it with a clean and clear title. Even if you decided to strip it down and sell engine, frame, etc you will come out on top. I just do not have the time and I want it out of my garage.

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PM sent
fawwwwwwk!!! why do you have to be across the frigging country! i would be on thisin a HEARTBEAT!
600 RR

PM Sent.
Due to the high amount of interest I will be posting pics tomorrow of the bike. Please give me until 6:00PM Pacific time tomorrow to have the pics up.
whoa looks like adam has first dibs on this but i'll jump on 4th dibs haha
I need 1st and 2nd to fall through then she'll be all mine :)
I'm interest too. Did you sell the rims or are they damaged? What # in line am I?
The front rim is bent, the rear rim has some lip bends so they will need to be replaced.

The person who can come pick it up and has the money will be the first in line. I am at work so bear with me on the pics.
guess i'll follow suit and be next in line....if for some reason everyone else falls through.. I'll TAKE IT!!!
Pictures are up. I forgot the swingarm needs replacement. I have one but it needs to be sandblasted as it was spray painted and then halfastly attempted to be sanded off. Also the hole has a slight bend in it but could be easily machined so the swingarm bearings would fit perfect.
PS- Those are not scratches on the spare swingarm, those are just areas where the spray paint has been rubbed off with fine sand paper
Adam does have 1st dibs but he does live across the country so whoever can PM me, give me a call and set up a date for pick up will be the new owner. Keep in mind the Title for this bike is CLEAN AND CLEAR!
If money talks i will talk it call me as soon as u get this and i will get u the cash no bs pmed u my cell
Another thing, the swingarm, rearsets, and engine case covers where powdercoated black before the wreck. I have a picture of the bike before the accident. I will post it up when I get in.
PM Sent
here is before the wreck:
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I have been trying to contact jcOde but have yet to do so. Waiting on Adam to say yay or nay. Feel free to call me, just send me a PM for phone #
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