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QATAR MotoGP cancelled due to storm...

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...bummer, too much glare, so that's that.

BBC news is saying might be run tomorrow, but don't bank on it

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Very disappointing, more so being the first race of the season, no a good way to start.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, should know by midnight apparently.
Someone PLEASE post up the new race time when this decision is made!
They are meeting right now (12:06am in Qatar right now) and we will know what they decide within a few hours................
I heard 7pm (losail local time) tomorrow was a possibility. I hope so, it ruined my day when this one got canned! Since when did it rain the the Flippin desert?!
4 days a year (I think they said), why today???????
not sure what i would have hated worse. cancelling the race or cancelling christmas. :(

A violent and prolonged desert rainstorm that began just minutes before the race was due to start caused the opening Grand Prix of the season to be postponed tonight. The reflection of the floodlights on a wet track means it is impossible to ride in the rain at Qatar and the huge amount of water on track, coupled with high winds, rendered racing impossible. The race will now be run tomorrow (Monday) evening at 2100 local time (2000 CET), with warm-up at 1830.

copied from another site.
Woohoo, 1900 BST for those over here.
what time will it air on the speed channel, there stooopid site lock up my comp everytime!
Next slated time to run is Tuesday...

No word if it's just the rerun from last year or not.
They ended up racing today afterall.

Nothing too exciting. Not going to say anything specific for those who haven't seen it yet but it doesn't look like the changes they made to promote passing did much.
1:00PM Central Tuesday on Speed is "the" Race. got the dvr set, can't wait!!!!
That's Good news. I may need to work from home tomorrow
Any confirmed TV times???
250s @ 10 am PST

800s @ 11 on Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
^^^^ Wowww,,,,just watched the races that I recorded...the 250 was awsome!!! what a boy Ratapark Wirairot best race ever....
GO 14!!! I didn't know my peeps from Thailand could ride like that...:hail:

The 800 was awsome too,,,but I wont say anything yet (still watchin)...but the it's gonna be a great season!!!:thumbsup: Dig the new look for Tech 3 and Colin's new lid....:th_dblthumb2:

OK back to the race now....

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