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Question about a noise in front end

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Recently I've noticed a weird noise coming from the front end of my '07 1000RR. If I move up & down the front end by pushing down the bars (while applying the front break), I can hear a "click" that seems to come from the top of the forks (near the clamps). Like if something was loose inside of the forks.

The bike has only 1,100 miles and runs great. I don't feel anything wrong with the front suspension.

I don't know if it has to do with an incident from last week. I was riding and there were some new speed bumps in a downhill that were not painted in yellow, and I didn't see them. I hit one of them going around 35-40mph. My ass went straight up to the air. It felt hard. But thank God nothing bad happened.

Like I said, I don't know if it has to do with that incident or if that noise is normal on these bikes. It's my first CBR.

Can someone go to his bike and do the exercise of pushing down hard the front end several times to see if a clicking sound is heard around the top of the forks? I would really appreciate it.

I will try to take a video clip tomorrow with my camera so you can hear what I'm talking about.

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wish I could help you out, but I'm trapped in Cancun about three countries away from my '08 and NOT a big fan of all this sun and ruckus... sigh...
My does it, too. And my bike is brand new.

There's a little incline, maybe 2-4 inches, where I park my bike. I roll my front wheel up to that incline and of course am applying the front brake as I do it. When it hits the bottom edge of that incline, I feel the fork sort of "click" and I think, but am not sure, that it clicks forward.

I would compare it to a bicycle with a loose headset/stem. It definitely seems like it shouldn't be that way, yet, mine has been that way for a while and after my first service where they're supposed to tighten everything that's loose, it's still like that.

Any input from someone knowing that this isn't okay would be great... but until then I'll assume it's all gravy.
You guys aren't the only one! My does the same and I have a 08.... As soon as i get here out the garage and start rolling, the first time i apply the front brakes i hear that "clicking" you all are talking about. After that the bike is fine. Never hear it again until I take the bike out another day! Definately has me a little confused:confused:, but never the less she's handles like a champ! :thumbsup:
Mine doesn't have to do with the breaks. And the headset/stem doesn't feel loose at all. It really sounds like it's coming from inside the forks.

I don't have to apply the break to reproduce the noise. I just apply it cause it's more easy to get the front end to bounce. And I do it while the bike is parked, not moving.
Mine did it too, a little.

With the new Ohlins cartridges there's no noise.
Here are 2 videos I took. It's difficult to hear the "click" because of the gas slapping inside the tank.

In this video it can't be heard but I want to show you the way to reproduce the noise.


In this other video the "click" can be heard a little. Try to isolate it from the gas moving inside the thank.


I payed more attention and it definitely comes from inside the forks.
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It may be nothing. It could very well be your fork spring "hitting" against tthe damper rod or the fork tube. That would make a lot of sense why it only does it under compression. Dont worry mine does it too, and i have about 12000 miles on it.

Think about a spring, when its compressed that compressed energy wants to go somewhere. When you squeeze a spring in between your fingers, it wants to pop out of the side right? Well I think thats what the fork spring is doing.

Try compressing the forks slow and evenly, the noise goes away.....
I think it sounds evenly on both sides.

Are the damper rods "floating" inside the tubes? That sounds more like it.
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