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question about gilles chain adjusters

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Hey everyone. I just recently purchased a set of these chain adjusters for my 07 from someone on this site and am curious what brand of stands everyone who has these is using. I currently have a set of t-rex stands and they wont work. I even tried them with the rubber protector off and they still dont fit all the way into the fingers. I already know that pitbull stands will work but any other brands. Thanks.
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THere is no other stand.

Next question.
I can't answer your question about non pitbull stands; I don't know of any. I'm sure they're out there.

BUT - You can't go wrong with the pitbull. Find a used one for cheap. I replaced a flimsy POS stand with a pitbull and it is so much stronger then the old one, I'm not afraid of it falling apart under the bike like I was with the last one. Go pitbull.
so if i buy a pitbull stand do i keep the rubber protector on or do i pull it off? Will they fit all the way inside the lifting fingers?
PitBull, i have the vortex stand also but the pitbull work just fine, the fit is tight but it work, my still have the rubber protectors on
PitBull works with there spool adapters but I would also look at the LighTech stands. There quality is better than anything else out there. There extremely light weight and strong.

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