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quick shifter voltage

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Hi I have a '19 sp1. My blipper is not working. When I measure the voltage of the sensor it reads 2,5xxV in idle mode. When I press the paddle up it jumps to 3.xxV. When I press down it does not change at all.
When I try to reinitialise the QS it also says failure.

Due to my own logic it should also show a dip from the 2.5V right and the shifter seems broken right?
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I had a replacement ecu an dash available from a other bike that works fine. Als the QS I swapped it out. What I noticed is that the dashboard is stuck in race mode. When I want to change the mode I can only select mechanic. Also I don't see the speedometer in the dash. This is just gone. When I switch my ECU and dash to the other bike it works fine.

Could this be caused by a faulty connection on the can bus? I don't have any errors in the dash or history from riding.

When I now want to try to initialize the QS it goes further in the process buts get stuck in the shift in to neutral position and then fails.

Any hints why the speedometer is not visible and can this be caused by a wire/connector problem?
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