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Rain on my Parade/long sort of

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So I'm off from work today and reading my new issue of motorcyclist and thumbing through street dreams mag. I decide i can no longer wait tp get my 1000RR.So i venture out to Sunrise honda. Low and behold They have the one i want :D ,no one's got a dep on it so I start talking otd price. 1189.00Great I said sign me up.One small problem They don't take the honda card :evil: . So i leave and call another. good news bad news We have 2 on the floor but they are sold :cry: ,getting more in by next wed,thurs come in put a deposit down they say(I already have a dep on 1 since Jan)So i come home get a number for a dealership in queens ny(I live in Long Island subburb) Double good news we have 3 red Black no dep on any of them :D . Next question do you take the honda card?Yes. :D I'll be there in 45 mins,last question what the otd price. 12100 no dealer prep fees(just reg and tax).I get there we go through the motions I try to get him to match the other guys price.No dice but he throws in a 2yr ext warranty.I figure ok then. When can I pick her up? 2pm.Great I'll be back by 3 to give you an extra hr to prepare it.(They also did the insurance 927 7 months policy)On the way back i stop at the bank get the bank check for $5gs.$400 cash for the dep on the insurance.I look at the skies and they are getting darker(not supposed to rain till6pm)time now230
My wife and I get there at 315 lite rain. :banghead: just as they finish up the last bit of paper work and bring the bike frome the back(prep) it starts pouring :twisted: :evil: I'm like noooo come on god help a brotha out. so now Of cousre I don't want to take it and ride in the rain 12 miles home THey offered to deliver it tomorrow morning by 10am :banban: :banban:
for free. So If everyhting goes right I'll have my new toy in 15 hrs 3 mins.of course I have to call in sick from work
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Dang! Well, at least you can "SAY" you own one now!

oops, are those red splotches I see on your face? Wow a man of your age getting chickenpox?!?! WOW You'll have to take off like a WEEK of work now! :)
Nice. Sounds like you kinda got the run-around for a minute there, but in 15 hours it'll all be worth it. :D

just think...
This time tomorrow...
You will be out tearing up!!!! :twisted:
Have fun
i can't wait. i took the manual home with me just to look at .Its like the honda manuals nothing different. My new HJC hemelt should also be here tomorrow. i got theAc-11 yikes model coming
Good deal Dude!! I'm happy for ya!!! You won't be able to sleep tonight :D
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