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Rear brake oil cup

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Any with one OEM rear brake oil cup that don´t want it ?:thumbsup:

Thanks in advance
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it'll probably cost more to ship down there than for ya to buy a new one locally
Yes, I know, but here does not exista nothing for the baby !

Thank you
I'd recommend putting together some other items and ordering from Brad. That way a Brembo 15cc res can be thrown in for about 10bux or less.

Good luck, Jorge.
i was about to say the same thing. what's shipping like to montevideo? i've got a spare reservoir if you really want it ....but you dont :)
Thanks very much to all.

I really was going to buy some stuff from Brad ( like always ), but I am now with family issues and is not the correct moment.

Thanks again
i have some HRC type clear tubing kits to eliminate the rear res

i would like $5 to cover shipping
Pm sent

Thanks very much.:thumbsup:
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