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Rizoma undertail installed

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Here it is!!!

The install was pretty easy. The fit and finish is pretty good. All in all I'm happy with it. Cleans up the tail section nicely.

I also want to thank Brad and Mary at SuperBikeSupply for getting this for me!!!

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nice one...thats real carbon fibre rite????? looks the goods mate:th_dblthumb2:
Is there a plate light?
thats real carbon notice the tiny flaw in the weave? :)

+1 on the plate light
Yep, real carbon. I don't have a plate light on. I usually don't run one.
Wow that looks good ! Expensive?
Yeah, it was a little expensive but that was the only one I liked out there.
nice!! where can i get one??
You can get it from SuperBikeSupply.
if it had blinkers I would get it. I have gone through 2 CA integrated taillights and have one back to the BikeLitez kit blinkers. Wish this one did. I definately would like the tag mount if it were sold separately.
im looking on sbs but i cant find it.. u got a link?
im looking on sbs but i cant find it.. u got a link?
You can call SuperBikeSupply at (828) 252-2280.
Looks Dam Good, thats the best one Ive seen. I want one...
Rizoma Carbon Fiber Undertail for CBR1000RR 08- $179.00

Rizoma Fox Plate Frame for Rizoma Undertail for CBR1000RR 08- $155.00
Did it come with the plate bracket?
Rizoma does make a plate bracket. I didn't buy it though. I little too expensive for a plate bracket. I used the plate bracket that I had of my 04 1000rr that I modified.
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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