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Roll Call for Summit Point Main May 10th NESBA

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Anyone on here going to Nesba's track day on May 10th at Summit Point Main?

I'm going to be there on the 10th and the 23rd of May.

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Hmmm...those are tempting. I just did the 10th at NJMP Thunderbolt. Nice track, facility.
I'll be out there.
more then likely i will find myself down there.
I'll look for you all on the track.

I'm on bike #63 Carbon Fiber 1000RR "I" group

Look forward to seeing some of you guys up there.
more then likely i will find myself getting stuffed down there.
Fixed it for you :thefinger:

Yellow 08 1k with black lower. Number 561.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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