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Ryan S new paint pics

4882 Views 41 Replies 33 Participants Last post by  Brooklyn Bully guys did some serious work on my 636, i dropped it off on a wed and picked it up on a sunday looking how it does below.....permantly stained customs did the work, they are down in rockford, IL and do a fantastic job, these pictures really don't do much justice, they are race fairings, 1st gen. hotbodies, which are flimsy fiberglass that has been beat to hell, numerous holes and tears had to be fixed.....They also stripped my frame down and painted it properly so now i don't have to keep spray painting my frame so it looks normal lol...

the reason i took this down to the pros was for my dickies clothing advertising campaign shoot at the end of april! I participated in a nation wide casting call and did well enough to place in the top 5!! So i wanted to come out with some fresh new equipment and look real pro for the camera's!!!!

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WOW! thats some good shit right there. Lookn damn good Ryan, and congrats on the Dickies shoot.
In all seriousness, this guy should NOT be allowed a handicapped parking spot ANYWHERE in this country. He simply cannot justify it.:hail: Impressive on all fronts!!!!!!
lol in all honesty, i normally don't park in handicapped spots unless there's plenty of open ones, i've actually been confronted a few times by people questioning my situation, i pull up a pant leg and they shut their mouths quickly
Bike looks good! And a :thumbsup: for the skillz...
dude! you seriously rock!:hail:

oh and nice paint job too...congrats on the shoot.
My hats off to you man, and nice paint job
mad respect
im not a huge fan of stunting either but to each his own. but i got mad respect for you too man, paint job looks pretty sweet as well
Man lookin good bro!!! Bike looks Sick and looks like you have everything on lock!
thanks for all the kind words!
can u use a handicap parking with bikes?? have you ever done it?
i pull up a pant leg and they shut their mouths quickly
Haha! That's some serious Pwnage!

I love the irony of the handicap emblem on the bike, and the fact that yer doing sick chit on that bike! Mad props, bro!
Kick ass Man! The Bike looks killer and the stunting is equally as impressive!
+1 On Calib at P.S. He's done a few projects for me...awesome work and real cool guy to deal with! :hail:

You sir..............................Rock!:thumbsup:
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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