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They look good.

Any higher res. pics?

How do you think they compare in stiffness/durability compared to other rearsets?

Also, what is the shifter and break "peg" made out of?

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Stronger and lighter than aluminum Billy.

I believe the pegs are aluminum... Right Mark?

much stronger for sure!!! i made them a bit tougher to make sure i am not going to get " i took a hammer to them and they broke" LOL

i used steel bolts and made them a few MM thicker then mine but yes, lighter is possible too

pegs are aluminum and shorties i picked up but i have used woodcrafts, gilles, vortex etc

the toe levers are aluminum gilles

the knuckles are billet woodcrafts with my aluminum inserts with carbon levers

i can do about anything with them all the way to a 85 gram billet rear master with ti clveis pin and all ti hardware for like $900
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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