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just picked up a new 530 chain, and my oem sprockets look to have some wear in the valleys where the rollers ride. i'm not opposed to going with a good set of stock ones, as i'm currently running 16/41 oem sprockets and except for the wear, i'm happy with them. let me know what you've got!
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I have my stockers sitting in the garage, 16/42 with about 3K miles.
PM me if your interested.
i have 06 stock ones if u want, front and rear. 25 shipped?
if possible, i would like some pictures indicating the condition of the sprockets yall are selling (as well as from the PMs i've received) if possible. while my sprockets have wear, they aren't that bad, and i also have another 42t rear from a buddy who went 520, and it's in decent, though not perfect, shape. both sprockets have a bit of pitting between the teeth, though, and i'm looking for something in really good shape. also, does anyone know - will the front and rear oem sprockets from an 08 bolt right up?
Best I can do...


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