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Stickers by Eddie...Rossi - Tribu Stickers

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Wow, Eddie is awesome. I sent him a design for some stickers, and had them designed and shipped in less than a week. The product is awesome :hail:. Below is a pic of what Eddie made me, and then an original product. Can you pick out which one Eddie made for me. Just for clarification, the colors got washed out a little from the flash. I'll tell ya soon.

Thanks again Eddie.


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mcohen u gotta tell which one he did haha...they both look good regardless but for those of us curious which did he do?
The ones from Eddie are on the helmet on the right!
The ones from Eddie are on the helmet on the right!
thats funny i was gonna say that cuz they look slightly better than the ones on the left. but i wanted to keep my mouth shut just in case. haha nice work there eddie and nice helmets mc
Yes, he does do some awesome work.
Thanks for the compliments on the helmets too! They will all have this sticker on them as soon as I have more time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts