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stock parts for sale

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hey ya'll. I will be selling the following parts after April 27th. No need to send me the money yet, this is just to let everyone know what will be available in less than 2 weeks (to give enough time to put your funds together). No dibs, money talks BS walks. I will post again on this thread when I'm at home and the parts have been removed off the bike.

All parts are form a 2007 1K with less than 900 miles. Never seen rain, always garage kept.

I will not reply to lowball PM offers. Prices are very fair IMO.

All prices include shipping to the US (no international shipping) you just add 3% for Pay Pal fees.

fairings (minus tail) 800
triple tree 190

brake master cylinder/reservior/hose 45

rear brake cailper/bracket 40
ignition and key 70
front calipers/pads 190
throttle 25
clip ons 75

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dibs on the brake and clutch master cylinder
My firends. Please no PMs calling dibs, I will not have much internet access after today.

This thread is just to give all a heads up and pull funds together. Too many times I've had sales take longer than needed because of "dibs" that did not follow through.

You can however, PM questions about the parts and I will try to get back to you as time permits.

Dammit tony now you got me thinking about those plastics... I've been wanting to go to the red 07 bodywork for a while now.

I'll have to think about it.
They are in perfect shape. Not a single nick or scratch.
i want that magical racing headlight cover,would you be willing to pull it off?
yes sir. It's for sale on my other thread.
dibs on the brake and clutch master cylinder
clutch master is already taken
headlight is mineee
clutch master is already taken
Brake master is taken sure to send me the paypal round the 27th buddy, need that asap:thumbsup:

fairings (minus tail) 800
brake master cylinder/reservior/hose 45 (sale pending to SPJames)
rear brake cailper/bracket 30
front calipers/pads 160
clip ons 65
Also for sale:

07 stock ECU $186 shipped
07 stock velocity stacks $26 shipped
fairings avaiable:

both sides
all inners
both bottoms

$600 shipped (flawless condition)
Sorry, will cost too much to send to you.
stock clip ons with throttle and Driven grips: $60 shipped
07 front calipers with pads (about 400 miles use): $100 shipped
07 rear brake caliper and bracket: $ 30 shipped
07 fairings, mius tail and front nose: $450 shipped

ALL items in flawless condition
1 - 20 of 24 Posts