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Swing arm Linkage

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Just got my swingarm powder coated and when installing my shock and linkage i ended up with play, its where the link on the bottom of the shock attaches to the bottom of the swingarm, there's is a flush allen head bolt and a locking nut that attach the two, am i missing something not tightening it hard enough?

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You should have 2 washers/seals one for each side that goes on. Make sure that you have those. If not theres your problem.
both seals are there, but the allen bolt slides all the way through the swingarm as if nothing to tighten down to?
problem solved please delete mods
Enlighten us man, I'm sure somebody else is going to end up with this problem at some point and may even find this thread with the magical search button. What was wrong and how did you fix it?
BUMP for an answer
Play was in there until i installed back on bike and re fit everything, i guess the wait on the linkage keeps is from moving side to side.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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