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swingarm powder coat?

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thinking about doing my 06 swingarm in black, curious if i need to knock out any of the bearings seals etc...., obviously i need to clean and prep it but not sure if the heat will affect the bearings.
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I pressed mine out and got a new one since one got destroyed. I've heard of people just baking the grease out after you remove the rubber seals and it worked no problem. You will need a 19MM hex and a castle nut tool and you need to break and re-rivet the chain so you need a new master link.

If you want another swingarm to coat so you don't have any downtime waiting for the powder coaters to finish, I have an 06 swingarm for sale that came off of mine in near mint condition.
I did mine myself this past winter. I did not remove any bearings. just put the silicone tape over them to keep powder out. As far as prep went, I just sanded it by hand with scotchbrite and wiped it down with acetone. You should be fine...take your time and good prep is key.
i cooked mine and have had no problems. ive had it done for about 6 thousand miles now.
If you were to take the swingarm to someone to have it powder coated, what kind of price range are we talking?
$5-$200....all depends on who you to people ...usually if you or a friend "knows somebody you can get a pretty dang good price....i got my sing arm, pass pegs and rearsets all done for ten bucks....and its quality stuff too!
*swing arm* my bike doesnt sing...:wtf:
I can not beat free...buddy welds at a industrial complex.
I have done two swingarms now, each time I removed the bearings and most people will usually reccomend this to hold to the old saying, better safe then sorry, then I sand blasted them and had them powder coated.
Should be done and done today i will post before and after pics when i have a minute for those of you thinking about doing it to your 06.
should there be any play where the shock links mounts to the bottom of the swingarm i have tighten it back up but there is play as it can slide side 2 side, i have tightened the allen and locking nut at max. So either i am missing a washer or there is play?
I don't remember any side to side play with the shock, but I don't remember if there was a washer or not. I can check and get back to you.
Yea i can get a picture to show you what i am talking about when i get off work.
there is play between the mounts should there be?
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Bump for pictures!!!
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