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tank bag, saddlebags

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'08 blade, anyone figure a decent way to rig a tank bag? obviously magnetic attachment is out, and dang if I can see a straightforward way to strap a bag on. With the plastic tank cover I expect it to scratch easily. I have a small old marsee but the straps forward will foul the damper

Anyone suggest a saddle bag setup?

It's warming up here in Olympia WA and longer rides beckon

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I've got a strap mount on my 04 and a buddy with a strap mount on his 08. Neither of us has an issue with getting in the way of the damper. I think they're the most economical solution. I had a Marsee with the fancy mount but I thought it say too close to my body.
Depending on how much room you want the Cortech Super Mini Tank Bag with straps is great. I used in on my 06. Brad had a great price on it.

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I have a buddy with an 08 blade and he uses a tank bag with the magnetic hold down. He just took the take cover off and glued some lil metal peices onto the inside where the bag tabs would match up. works really well.

BTW, I'm right up here in Parkland (S. Tacoma) and doing a ride to Portland Sat if you want in.
excellent ideas, thanks. Working this weekend so perchance ride along another time thanks for the offer

I saw pads in a motorcycle mag a few months ago. I was like motorcyclist or cycle world. They had a 08 1k with bags. It looked pretty cool. I can't remember the maker of the bags though.
I'm curious about saddlebags too, I have the strap for a bag, but it caught some sand underneath and scratched the tank so that's something to watch out for
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