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Teaser pics of My Race Skins Painted

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Will be Mounted and ready for this Sunday! Will post up when completed:thumbsup:

Thanks Eddie1000RR for the deal bro!


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lookin good, different scheme for sure!
Thanks:cool: Yeah, Guy in Miami does alot of Bikes and I told him to do whatever he thought would be different. :thumbsup:

Now I need to mount them and really see how they look!:popcorn2:
lookin good..
Looks good, I like that color.:thumbsup:
Anxious to see them mounted up.
nice...cant wait to see them mounted up.
Thanks! Will be Mounted this weekend!
Lookin good Man! cant wait to see em on the bike!
Usually you hear those colors together and think bad, but that looks the shit!
SWEET... something a little different for a change...will look great all decaled up...
That looks very good, cant wait to see them on.
Very nice. What decals you going with?
Still thinking about this one:popcorn2:
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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