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We believe that at this time it is very important that the New York Sportbike Club make a statement about itself. Additionally, the NYSBC would like to dispense any rumors possibly started and nurtured by a competing club.

From 2002 thru 2008 the club was owned by a gentleman from NY who had an interest in creating a motorcycle club for people who wanted to ride on the racetrack. This club being the New York Motorcycle club was run by him for six years. Although the intention to develop this idea into a good organization was there, the previous owner had little to no free time to devote to properly organizing this club. Therefore, on a few occasions, the rules were not properly enforced. These few occasions never caused any serious problems, however, they were problems and the previous owner did not work hard to resolve them.

In 2009, the New York Sportbike Club was taken over by four new owners. These four new individuals stepped in to totally overhaul the NYSBC and make it the great club everyone knows it can be. With the new management nothing is overlooked and every member’s opinion counts. The club has a new control rider/instructor program which only accepts the finest individuals for staff positions. Race control is orchestrated by a track-approved professional. All three riding groups are particularly scrutinized for safety. Technical inspection has strict guidelines, which must be followed regardless of rider group. In addition to our new management guidelines the NYSBC will always make every effort to maximize the amount of track time every rider gets during their event. It has become customary this season for the club to have on-track starting time at 8:30am and lasting until at least 5pm. Sometimes, the club makes arrangements for its members to stay on the track until 6pm. Every attempt is made to create a fun, enjoyable, and safe environment for rider to get the most out of their track event.

With the new NYSBC every effort is made to satisfy its members. So, please come and join us for an event and lets us prove to you that we are a great club…
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