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Ticking/Clicking 3,500-4250 rpm anyone?

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Sure, my bike only has 170 miles on it now, but I took it to two different Honda dealerships and both said it's one of those things where I need to keep riding it until 600 miles, then they'll look at it.

There is a ticking/clicking that sounds like it's the valves or lifters or possibly the fuel injectors ticking... but since it's at certain rpms in every gear, I'm thinking valves/related.

Anyone else deal with this?
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I think ticking is pretty normal. Make sure it has oil. . .
be sure not to use cheap gas or less than 91
Oil is good and 91 octane (highest in CA) in the tank...

so nobody else notices this? It's gotten a little more frequent... it was only around 3,500-4,000 and now it's about 3,200 to 4,500... YIKES!

I've already bothered both local shops about it and I'll just have to keep riding it. Good news is that I found out the clutch recall had been performed on my bike before I bought it.
so nobody else notices this? ... it's about 3,200 to 4,500...
I don't spend a whole lot of time there. :shrug:
I have had this problem with a few other Honda's (not 1000rr). It was the Cam Chain Tensioner, but with that few of miles....maybe they didn't release the pin...?
I think it's your bike's way of saying twist the throttle. I know my baby is much happier when the rpm's are higher than that.
Believe me, I want to... but I am breaking it in. It's at about 175 miles now. They say to keep it below 6k and I've done that this far, why not go all the way to 600? It makes my top speed on the freeway about 90, so it is keeping me from getting a ticket at the very least.

The clicking seems to be the lifters/valves. I'm pretty sure.
They say to keep it below 6k and I've done that this far, why not go all the way to 600?
Who is they?

The following is the complete text regarding break-in guidelines taken from the owner's manual:

"Help assure your motorcycle's future reliability and performance by paying extra attention to how you ride during the first 300 miles (500 km).

During this period, avoid full throttle starts and rapid acceleration."
These motors are not quiet. Get an exhaust and it will not be as noticeable. When I first got my '04 (new) I thought it was broken because there was so much clattering. When I bought this bike it made even more noise. In the past I have had loud suzuki's but every other honda I have ever had was silent until each and every one of them started making cam chain tensioner noise.
My dealer told me that sound is coming from the injectors. Every time you fill the gastank it 'll sound less because the amount of fuel filters the noise...

No problem and throttle it up, otherwise you make it slow ;)

I get a ticking noise when accelerating ... seems to be about 4500rpm and then stops at about 5500 rpm or so... I thought it might be something opening up.. air, exhaust.... Not too sure.
When i first got my 09 i thought it sounded like marbles in a vacum cleaner. Ive got 1700 miles on it now, doesnt sound as bad. Do the exhaust flapper mod. All youll hear is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
The motor is going to make some minor ticking noises. It's normal.
Break it in like you're going to ride it. No sense in babying the thing then having something go bad later when it's out of warranty. Break it in like you're going to ride it.
My bike has gotten worse with the ticking. During downshifts and de-acceleration it's so loud I feel like the bike is going to explode. My buddies that ride beside me can hear it.... I was at the track lastnight and met up with a few other guys riding a cbr1k and their bike's were not nearly as loud as mine was.
Yeah, I know what you mean about 'marbles in a vacuum cleaner'.... during that rpm range it does sound a bit like that... hmmm...
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