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Time for an upgrade

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OEM Windscreen, Honda Repair manual, etc

Ok so I recently bought a 06 cbr1000rr i had it for about 2 weeks before i wrecked the damn thing. I broke my ankle in 2 spots and am really bored, so i have taken all the parts off that are of any value to the people on this site and am putting it for sale. I am happy to say I wont be out of the races for long seeing as I just put a down payment on a 09 Repsol :thumbsup: cant wait. So for now here are the items i have for sale for 04-07 1000rr

Stock Wind Screen- in good condition with a few small superficial scuffs

$30 Shipped

Pair mod plates- never mounted

sold to Phoenix1

Clear Alternatives smokes integrated tail- has a little rash down the right side but works perfectly and everything is plug and play with the resistors already installed.

Sold to stratsrr
Hot Bodies clear Flush mounts - good condition, plug and play

sold to cnauticav

Leo Vince Full SBK factory Race Exhaust- Had this on my bike for less than 300 miles the only thing that was damaged in the accident was the can everything else is straight and perfect. It will come with everything needed to install on a 04-07 CBR1k except for the strap. will also come with a role of heat shielding for the lower fairings.

Sold to stratsrr

Honda Repair Manual for 04-06 - In great shape

$40 shipped

Interstate/Yusa YTZ10S - Brand new battery was in my bike for 2 weeks

Sold to gRReg

Plate mount - made this little plate mount after I got my exhaust, made of ABS plastic with a 3 LED light

$20 shipped

mounted on the bike

Tool kit - everything you need for your bike on the road

$12 shipped
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Exhaust Shroud with heat shielding - great shape with both mounting bolts

$15 shipped

I also have the Stock tail section License plate mount and stock slip on, with mid pipe

make me an offer

If you have any questions or need more detailed pictures please PM and ill be happy to help you as best I can. Everything here is priced very reasonably so please no low ball offers. Everything will be shipped the following day paypal is received. ** Shipped is for those who live in the continental US, but I will ship internationally at the expense of the buyer** Thank you for looking.
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FYI The pair plates will fit the 08-09 bikes.
Do you know if the CA tail light could be modded to fit a 08 600rr?
its a little bigger. youll have to trim the fairing a little for it to fit
Not too hard.. What about the wiring harness?
Not too hard.. What about the wiring harness?
well I don't know about direct fit but anything can be sliced togeather
pm inbound on exhaust.
Ill take the manual, tell me where to send money.

I'll take the tool kit. Does it just come with what is shown or are there more tools included? Where do I send the money
I'll take the tool kit. Does it just come with what is shown or are there more tools included? Where do I send the money
just what is shown and i PM'ed you my paypal account
PM inbound
Close this thread please!!
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