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Tip Over Sensor?

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Once removed, and re-installed, does it need to be reset in any way? ie: disconnect the battery and re-connect, or cycle the key etc... I switched body work, and for some reason, the fuel pump is not coming on when the key is turned on. I had issues one time with the wire harness and this same problem, which I believed I fixed as it hasn't had a problem since last year, and I've rode it this year alot. just strange when I switched body work is when I have the problem again.

The tip over sensor was re-installed by myself with the arrow facing up, and the arrow is on the back of the sensor if your looking at it while sitting on the bike. I'm pretty sure it only installs one way....

Please help me out if you have an idea.... Thanks
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That sensor has to be mounted straight up and down or you'll have troubles, I really wish the guys making race glass would incorporate a spot onto the inner nose of the fairing to facilitate mounting. I hated it when my bike died under braking because the sensor had a slight tilt, thank god for industrial strength velcro it's straight up now!
As long as it is mounted straight up and down your good. You can turn it around with no problems. As far as the Velcro goes, that not something "I" would put my life on LOL
The velcro is for race glass not your stock panels. I've never had a problem with it in all the races I've done.
perfect, thx, so much for my search capabilities
As long as it's straight up and down, you're golden. Like what they said.
I dont see how it couldn"t be straight up and down as it's on OEM plastic bolted in like it is from the factory. I just wasn't sure if when it's off and put back on if it needs to be reset in some way to re-program it? I was riding it before I switched the plastics, and I don't think I tried starting it until today, so maybe I'll take back off the front and see if evrything is plugged in...the lights all come on on the dash and everything so I would think it's all plugged in or that wouldn't happen...:sad010: Damnit, I need to figure this out in the next 2 days before I go to Road America, otherwise I'll have to sit around and watch the NESBA event....
Should be able to bypass the BAS by shorting the two outside wires together on the plug. Wouldn't recommended running it like that but can give you an idea if its bad or not.

Took everything apart to realize I mounted the Tip over sensor upside down...Seems when I had the nose off, I mounted it upside down then put it back together not realizing which way I installed it....:beat:

Sorry everyone, but thanks for the replies...
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