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Titanium bolt weight

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Don't know if anyone is interested but I just received my Front caliper Titanium bolts and weighed them vs stock steel for a 17 SP. Titanium is 24 grams vs stock steel 33 grams. So a reduction of 44 grams or 1.5 oz. Not much but then I am going for corrosion resistance and shine (bling).
I will be receiving front and rear rotor bolts and sprocket nuts in Titanium and will post their weights.

Now if I can just get accurate weight of the stock SP rims with bearing only then I can decide if I want the Marchesini Magnesium wheels. :)
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The carbon wheels will transform the bike. Here’s mine… The bags on the floor are aluminum and titanium hardware.
Wheel Tire Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive fuel system
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I don't know if the lead time has gotten any better. The shop I bought the rims from quoted 10 weeks and it really took 10 months. Try to find someone who has stock otherwise it is a special order and takes forever. ;)
The set I ordered for the CBR a few years ago were made-to-order. They had the newer Rapid TEK design with 5 split-spokes(10 total) in stock, but I wanted the original Black Diamond 5 spoke.
You must fully commit to get a substantial weight reduction. I’m all in on my bikes.

2011 Ducati 1198SP Superbike = 397lbs/180whp
2012 Ducati 1100SP Hypermotard = 380lbs/95whp
2021 Aprilia RS660 (mini)Superbike = 373lbs/100whp
2021 Ducati V4SP Superbike+ = … not done yet
2015 Honda CBR1k SP Superbike = 420lbs/???

As you can see, these specific Italian bikes are designed to be much lighter than the CBR for racing purposes. The Honda has the same Ohlins suspension components, so the heavier weight is in the main structure like the frame, swingarm, and engine.

I will take another couple pounds off the CBR (and the 1198SP) when I fit the 3D GP 520 chain on them. The CBR has a 530 and the 1198 a 525. The up side to the CBR heavier main structure weight is the smoother, more relaxed (and comfortable!) street ride, yet the downside is a slower reacting bike. I’m not “knocking” the CBR at all, I love it, but facts are facts.

They all are great bikes, but definitely different in “personality”, handling, and overall performance.
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My 2015 CBR1000 SP has a 530 chain. I bought the bike still in the crate, so I’m quite sure it’s the original. I can’t comment on other years since the last new Honda I bought was a 1988 650 Hawk GT (the RC31). I wish I had kept that one…
The CBR1000RR SP uses a 525 chain, I switched to a 520 GP 3D chain and it weighed exactly the same. So you might save a little weight on the rear sprocket but maybe just a bit on a 530 chain conversion. My 520 GP 3D chain weighed 4.1 pounds so weigh your chain before doing the conversion so you will know the weight savings and won't be disappointed.
I did weigh my 525 x 98 link chain from my 1198SP at 4.0 lbs and the 3D520GP 520 x 98 links at 3.4 lbs, so a savings of 0.6 lbs high speed kinetic weight. It’s a really big deal if your doing serious weight savings.

Maybe you weighed the 3D at full new 120 link length?
It certainly adds up to a significant weight loss when that’s your ultimate goal. You can replace all the light load fasteners with aluminum as well.

Back when economic times were better, a company named TPO Parts did all their fastener & fab work in-house. They had great titanium parts that others did not. Like axles, engine mount bolts, swingarm pivots, etc. My Big Dog Ducati benefits from all those (now one-off) parts, so it is unusually light for a street bike at 397lbs. TPO closed up a few years ago and are sorely missed. Pro-Bolt has tripped in to continue selling mass produced titanium and aluminum, but not the really special parts. Those types of fasteners aren’t available for the CBR unless you buy the titanium stock and make it yourself. I’m not quite there yet!
Also the rear shock/pivot bolts/nuts.
It's possible to make any number axles and swingarm pivot bolts, but the cost of quality Grade 5 titanium to turn them from isn't cheap, for one set of three it is about $440 for the round stock. After external machining then they would to go to be gun drilled and finally a possible heat treat and tempering to make sure they are at least as strong as the stock steel axles and pivot bolt.
Yeah, I think the ti SA pivot bolt was about $300 a decade ago, but there were only a few made. Even fewer CBR riders would part with that much $$$ one. However, if the entire complement of the heavy steel bolts were available, I know someone who would…
Extras? Axles, pivot bolt, etc. in Titanium?
Uhm, yes on all for me…!
Note that when I replaced the spring (110Nm to 100Nm) on my stock (Ohlins) rear shock, the flat side linkages had way too much side play (~3mm) such that they would rub against the main link to the frame. I measured and ordered some 0.5mm shims to adjust the side play down to ~1mm. None of my other bikes have such a large amount of side play.
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I finished updating the drawings with all the specs. The Machine shop did not change the pricing so in quantity of 5, one front axle, one rear axle, and one swingarm pivot bolt set, with shipping and duty fees is $800. Any left over will be refunded, very slight over cost will be ignored, extra cost (probably minor) will be passed on. So I am ready to order and need a real count. Who is in?
@Ces One
@John Harris
I’m in.
Yeah, I’ll take the full set. I’ll do my own dogbone link.
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Ok, Received the updated quote
Swingarm pivot 2 - $325, 3 - $300
Front Axle 3 - $200, 4- $175
Rear Axle 3 - $320, 4 - $290
Bushing 6 - $25
Custom steering stem 1 - $300

So totals per the wants vs cost for materials only are:
@CBR-SP $815
@Rusa $765
@Ces One $465
@John Harris $1165

Does this pricing change your wants, or are you good with it?
Shipping cost will be based on quantity. At least Titanium is light.
I’m in. Let me know the shipping.
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