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Yep thumb brake worked well and has real potential, just need to incorporate into my riding style. With the blipper now working I believe it will help.
I had lost a bit of confidence in the front end last time out which turned out to be a loose headstock, which I've now rectified. The TC is also very good, which became apparent with worn tyres, had a few moments being greedy with the throttle and the electronics sorted me out.
Fitted the QA throttle and Jetprime starter switch, so that will be interesting to try.
Got into the 1.41's at Donington which is a second slower than on my 675, 3 - 4 seconds off my target.....but only 2nd time on the bike and it definitely has the potential, need to change my 600 lines to 1000.

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Morning All,

Thought I'd tag my current track/race bike build from across the pond. Previous bike was a Triumph Daytona 675 2013 model used for Club 600 in a few local championships (Cracking bike). decided to upgrade to a 1000 so came across a 2017 UK base model CBR1000rr, had been written off by the previous owner on the road.
So far the bikes had:
Suspension - K-tech DDS front and rear fitted by Steve Whitear at HEL Performance. Ten-Kate steering damper brackets and K-tech damper (Toby).
Brakes - HEL calipers (Brembo Z04 pads, Motul RBF 660) and Master cylinder with dry break connections. Standard rear caliper with captive bracket - soon to have HEL thumb brake and HEL rear caliper.
Chassis - PP Tuning clip ons, Diamond racing rearsets, Evo-tech sliders, Spider captive wheel spacer, Ti fuel tank, UK race support clutch lever, alloy front and rear sub-frames, 520 racing chain.
Electronics - Ten-Kate loom, ECU and IMU relocated, BSB LHS switch gear, JMT Lithium battery. Yet to fit - Jet Prime RHS switch gear and HRC QA throttle, Honda blipper on route.
Bodywork - Hi-fibre tank and seat unit, Moto carbons carbon fairing and airtubes (Ex-Jackson Racing), pro-fibre carbon frame protectors, GB engine protection.
Performance - Full akra system, carbon bell mouths and MWR filter - 190Bhp & 85lb of torque, set up by Ben at REA Racing, silicone water hoses.

Only ridden her once at Andalucia and inital impressions are good, QS/Blipper didn't work due to switch gear issue (Hopefully resolved). But she's light, holds a tight line and good on the brakes - also matched bigger horse power bikes on the straight.

To Follow: Light weight wheels, track time and tyres!

Some on track vids to follow once the world turns the right way up again. Stay safe!

All the best Pablo View attachment 258366 View attachment 258367 View attachment 258369 View attachment 258370 View attachment 258371 View attachment 258367
Nice bike

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As like most the bikes been gathering dust, however with trackdays/race season on the horizon time to prep the beast!
One issue I suffered with was low gear wheeling v drive, so I've squeezed a 118 link chain on to see if that helps and increased the wheelie inhibit on one of the maps (More to have a play with the electronics).
I also trashed my brake lever guard so a new PP Tuning has been fitted - mandatory for UK track days now.
New radiator reservoir bottle.
Sourced some 2nd hand Pro-bolt sprocket studs and nuts, shaving some rotating mass........I know eat less but they are shiny!
Fluids all changed, suspension all fresh and baseline setting. Just need a health check on the dyno. Roll on April 26th Braaaaaap!
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Nice build!

Did you do the front brake lines yourself? Can't say I've seen it run like that before?

Also, what's better about your new Rez vs the stocker in front of the rear wheel?
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