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Tri-state area? AR/MO/TN

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Looking for any arkansas, missouri, and tennessee riders.
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Im here in arkansas about 15 minutes from tennessee and about 100miles from the missouri state line
Hmm....I live in Blytheville here in Arkansas. Not too far away from each other i dont think.
JJPUML is in Springdale, if I remember right.
Sweet. If we could get enough of us together would be great for a ride.
hey guys we got a group of about 20 sportbike guys in jonesboro ar.
I'm in dyersburg Tn. Across the river from Missouri bootheel.
i'm a little further into tn, but if you're ever around nashville hit a bro up..
hey guys we got a group of about 20 sportbike guys in jonesboro ar.
Me and a few friends ride up there every once and a while from Marion Arkansas
I am about 45 miles away from JB. I am in Blytheville.
Were gonna have to ride sometime

Hey like Silvy said, Im in springdale about 30 mins from the Missouri border. Ive got a big group of peolpe that ride ab every Sunday morning if anyone ever wanted to come join. We ride down towrds Harrison at least once a month, so hit me up if yall are interested. Oh, and if the fukin rain will ever go away for more then a day
I'm in Jonesboro here.
PM me if you guys wanna do something some day.
'09 Repsol
Knoxville,TN here
North central Missouri here always up for a good ride
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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