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10 available at this price. Thanks. T
Regular Prices range from $75 to $135 depending on which setup you
are wanting. You don't have to send us anything if you have an 03-06 600rr or 04-07 1000rr.
The first video is $135
This is for two different colors. One being knight rider and the other being all solid.
Three way switch wired in and 194 plug placed on the end to make it plug n play when the key is turned on. If you want it to work when the bike is off you will have to tap into 12v constant power.
This video is with all 12 led's being one color as knight rider.
This is $75 All knight rider only.
This one with all 12 led's where they can be knight rider or solid
third eye is $120. Three way switch also attached to switch between functions
The board has a potentiometer on it so you can
adjust how fast the knight rider goes.
Pricing includes shipping in the U.S
Let me know when you are ready. Thanks. T
You will have to remove the third eye and the gray plug behind the third eye to run the wire through the housing and locate the control board behind a mid fairing. Plug the 194 plug into the gray plug and install the switch in a location. Put the cover back on the third eye and you are ready to go.
Colors available:
PM what you would like done and your email address and I can send you a bill. Paypal and credit cards accepted. Ship world wide, if you are outside the U.S. let me know so I can quote final price. Thanks. T
SALE ENDS when all 10 are sold
Group buy prices
Knight rider $65
Knight rider / solid third eye one color $110
Knight rider / solid third eye different colors $125
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