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Wrecked my bike 06 Black and trying to get her rebuilt before a long trip I have been planning for a year…just my luck.
Anyway in speaking with Brad from Super Bike Supply he advised me to post a thread, asking if anyone would be willing to part with what I need.
So here it is.

1. Nose Cowl

2. Frt. Fairing Stay

3. Dash cluster

4. Clutch Master Assy.(w/ res.)

5. Frt. Brake Master Assy.(w/ res.)

6. Rt. Side Cooling tube @ filler to motor

7. No Cut Sliders and spools

8. Exhaust full or slip on replacing a pig nose

9. Tail Lamp (integrated) Not oppose to DR. FX

10. Battery Box or Sub Frame splash shield

If any one can help please let me know
Trying to just get her back on the road!:sad010:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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