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Turbo Plenum Project

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Here are some progress photos of the intercooled turbo plenum I am working on.

Design stage:
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Product Naval architecture Watercraft Art Font

Non-Intercooled version for a later build:
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Waterjet cut parts and custom made bungs on my lathe. Some parts needed bending. Also, a closeup of my thumb, I used two of them.
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Welding the core and walls. This took 4 hours! And it'll have another hour or two of wedling after machining.
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Gas Engineering Metal Machine Auto part
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Checking the weldment for clearance. The BOV and coolant fittings clear the tank cover, barely. After this, the welment is sent off for CNC milling the adapter face, injector pockets, and custom fuel rail.
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Where to fit an intercooler radiator and how will it clear the wheel??
I had to modify the CMP sensor and rotate the plug around to clear the intake pipe.
I had to modify the stock radiator mounts to move the top end back 1.5".
I cut half off an aftermarket radiator and hacked off all the mount tabs.
I added more curve to the radiator so it fit snug to the oem one.
I made custom mount tabs that use the stock radiator hangar holes.
I made custom caps and bungs to weld for coolant lines and temperature probes.

The radiator was welded up the same time as the plenum.

I'm presently waiting on the plenum parts to come back from the machine shop. Got to hurry up and wait! 1 month and a half and counting...tic...tock...tic..tock...
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Awesome project! I love water-air intercoolers, biggest temp-drop for minimal restriction! :)
I got the plenum back from the machine shop. He machined the fixtures for holding the parts, then programmed the CNC and machined the adapter face and cap. He had some commitments that will keep him away from the shop for a while so I took what he had done so far. The fuel rail still needs to be machined and there are two sensor holes that were placed in the wrong spot so I'll have to fix those.

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A test fit went ok with the BOV interfering at bit with the HESD on its lower setting (the cap screws in and out to adjust a spring), and the left coolant hose fitting presses out on the side tank fairings. Nothing that will need mods. These parts will be adjusted on any future designs. I wasn't worried about the tank but I set it on to check clearances for the fuel rail. Looks ok so far. Not bad for a prototype.

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Next I need to have the injector pockets, fuel rail mounts, and the intake pipe welded in place. The ram tubes will be shortened and welded in place. A small leak on the radiator will need to be rewelded. Then it should be time to start bolting everything up!
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Sticky’d thread!
Amazing work, looking forward to seeing more. The clear clutch plate cover is a nice touch!
I spy a tank of NOS tucked behind the right footpeg. Is that part of the build too!?
That is CO2 for the autoshifter. No need for NOS when it's built to take ALL the boost!
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I had a co-worker with a mill add the injector holes and mounts on my fuel rail.

After I got it back I had to finish it on my lathe. I cut some extra weight off the center section and the ends and then thread the ends for -6AN ORB fittings.

Next, I need to make the blocks that will hold the rail, dummy fuel injectors for alignment while welding, and relocate the MAP sensor holes.

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Ok, so I'm back to working on this project. I had a few other projects distract me over the winter and then a move into a new shop had me disorganized for a while.

I got my fuel injector alignment tools made, the fuel rail mounting blocks made, and the map sensor holes relocated. I also took the expensive Australian Elpro ram tubes and cut them down to fit in the plenum. This is probably a waste of money. If I do it again, I can form these out of scrap intake piping tubes using a custom forming die and a press.

I also had to make a new port for the fuel pump output. The elbow fitting had to be highly modified to clear the engine.

Next step is to take it all back to my TIG welder for final welding.
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Final welding is done! Some of it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Next time I do this I'll avoid welding the ram tubes or at least make them thicker. The injector pockets and fuel rail mounts came out straight but warped the cap plate a bit. No big deal. I did have to drill out the cap holes a bit. They migrated after all the welding. They really should have been machined after welding.

I found two pin hole leaks on the radiator after the first welding session. Instead of having it tig welded again, I tried using aluminum brazing rod. That became a nightmare. I got it sealed but its ugly. Oh well.

I'm considering the plenum done. I will post some photos when I get it all installed. I have some work to do on the fuel system and wiring. Hopefully soon I'll have a badass dyno sheet to post!

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