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TWM black Aluminum "Quick Action" Fuel Cap

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TWM black Aluminum "Quick Action" Fuel Cap

its really off a RC51, but it fits and is on my bike.
mounting screws are missing but i bought some gold flathead screws and thats whats holding it on my bike.

works great.
I can take it off as soon as i get my replacement, if anyone wants it now, i can always but my stock one back on and ship this out.

This is a $120+ gas cap w/ missing screws, thats it, works great.
Asking $75 shipped

Actual pic of mine mounted.

Pic from their site.
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tempting but i am out of bikes

I bet if you got matching bolts it'd sell. Just sayin...

bump for Rasta :stoner:
I actually have 5 of the gold flatheads. I was just lazy to swap the others since I really want hex bolts, but couldn't find any the correct length.
Yessur. Maybe one day. :)

damn, stubbed my toe, hence the bump
Will the stock mounting screws work with the TWM black Aluminum "Quick Action" Fuel Cap?
No, the stock screws are recessed. The TWM ones are countersunk.
hows the ventilation work? does it have a valve? or does it not vent at all?
No vent. Just a simple quick release cap, like any other.
if had the reg bolts i mgiht be interested
Ill see if the hardware store got some more that match better.
Nevermind, bump for a great deal though!!
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