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Vortex rear sets

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Just put the Vortex rear sets on and am pretty disappointed with the adjust ability. I've got long legs(35-6 inseam) and tend to sit close to the tank. This points my toes down more than most, I would guess. I was hoping Vortex pegs would adjust the levers lower than stock. But in fact stock is somewhat better in this regard.

The brake lever is limited by the master cylinder plunger. And the shift lever hits the guard it passes through to limit travel downward. And yes, I'm using the correct connecting rod.(which is irrelevant for this issue)

Any of you tall guys out there found a work around?

I've taken out the lock nut on the plunger to gain some. And have moved the sets back a notch(which I don't like and am not sure helps - feet are back further so toes are even lower) to get a bit more clearance on the shift side. This changes what it grounds against.

One thing I haven't tried on the shift side is to splay the two plate holes a bit so the plate can mount on an angle. This pivots the plate counter-clockwise and should give more room. A drag to have to do that.
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Aftermarket rearsets are not designed to go lower. They are designed to go back and up for ground clearance while racing.

Try riding with only the balls of your feet on the peg. That is the way you should be riding anyway. I am 6'3'' and my vortex are just fine. I actually moved them back 1 and up 1. Much better than stock imo.

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thats exactly how mine are. i'm 5'11 and i love mine....except for the fact that they rip my pants.
Not sure how riding on the balls of my feet help shift/brake. And actually, the Vortex do go lower than stock. At least an inch. But that's not what I'm asking. It has to do with the how low the levers adjust, relative to the peg. Exaggerating to make the point, I find I'm having to lift my knee to help shift or get on top of the brake lever. My old Duc has a bit more flexibility there as do a few other bikes I've had. Just thought someone may have run into this and found a trick to relay.
I was thinking about getting rearsets eventhough the stockers seem far enough back (at least compared to my 600RR). My question is, do these rearsets (aftermarket) come with an adapter/bracket that allows the exhaust to hang from? Or, do you have to fabricate something? If your rearsets are adjustable, is there an adjustable bracket or multiple brackets of varying lengths?
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