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weekend trip...

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well, I went down to a friends house this weekend for a couple of days of wrenching on his car to get it ready for the upcomming show season. it was about 200 miles or so round some riding while I was down there.

I was really looking forward to this one road that is about 10 miles long and hilly/twisty. turns out on the bike it isnt quite as twisty as i remembered in the car..haha in order to make it much fun I would have had to border on triple digit speeds and i just dont like doing that on the street much especially in an area where I dont know the roads or the area very well.

anywho, I really wasnt too uncomfortable during the ride either way but I am considering the energy seat now.

unfortunatly no good pics except when I did a couple of wheelies by his house because he wanted to hear the bike at full steam, I didnt go too hard though because I didnt have my jacket or boots on so just did some 1st gear power wheelies and fly bys. I also adjusted the taylormade trim piece a bit for a closer all around fit.. decided to discard the little clip and use a bolt/nut for a more secure and better looking fit.

oh yeah..I also wanted to say I had 2 close calls.... one wasnt really anything... as a f250 towing a camper was comming towards me a bunch of birds jumped out of the ditch on my right.... one of them was comming directly at the front of the bike..instinct says to swerve but big ass truck with camper says stay I kinda braced a little for an impact with the bird but it turned at the very last possible second and I just though wow.... how many ways that could have been bad...haha..

the other time really made my ass pucker... really slow left hand turn in town around some cars at a red light I was up on the front wheel way to much (I ride more on the front than I should and I am working on it) and i was a bit more leaned than I really needed to be... I felt the front slip and try to tuck.. my left foot came off the peg looking for ground to hold me up.... and somehow my hands turn the bike in more and save it.... as I ride off I was thinking of the parts I would have been replacing and of the thoughts of the people in the cars I was turning around...then I was thinking man that would have hurt..... and how the hell did I not tuck it?? definitely a wow moment.

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Sounds like good times! Glad yer 'close calls' didnt turn into anything serious!!!
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