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Well, I've never done a build thread or a mods list or anything like that. Here goes.

K&N filters (stfu)
pair blockoff plates
poor-man's intake
PC3 with custom map
Jardine 2-exit "squid pipe" s/o (wrapped header to can)
Woodcraft stator cover
Moto-R clutch side case cover
Samco hose kit
DID ERV3 520 chain with Driven (-1/+2)

Gilles: VCR rearsets, Variobars clipons, Shift support, chain adjusters and lifters
Titax levers
Spider grips

Ohlins PRXLS shock and cartridges in forks

Galfer 1375 pads front (OE calipers and rotors)
Brembo underslung caliper with ladybird hanger and Wertman rotor
Speigler SS lines (clear with blue ends)

BT003 warmed by Sumomoto warmers on PitBull stands

Nicky modded sprocket cover
couple stickers reppin the sites I whore
zero gravity db screen
Motovation axle sliders

I think that's all. Thanks to Brad (& Mary @ SBS) and .net members for the help building her up, the parts for a smokin deal, and the advice on what/where/when/how parts.

Pix from last year, cuz I'm waiting forever for my Auctmarts custom race glass:

Thanks again Mary and staff @ SBS!!!
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There are mods that are listed but not pictured. As soon as I get my glass in, this thread will be updated.

I also have a Dorkman fairing stay and HRC subframe on the way.
Bike looks really good man!!!
Looks great!!!

wasn't it me who ''christened'' her Silvy? :D
Nice job silvy, looks good. Even with some rashed LDH hand me downs
Very well put together. I like the blue accents on the bike. That rear brake setup is awesome.
I'm waiting forever for my Auctmarts custom race glass
What paint scheme is your race glass gonna be Silvy?
Oooooober nice!
O.R. I've got plain silver fairings coming. I'm gonna whore it out (just a little) with some blue and pink stickers.

Don't hate until ya see it.

Thanks for the kind words, to the rest of ya.
Can't wait to see what you come up with. So your 1000RR is going full time track ho huh? You have or getting a street bike or you calling it quits on street riding?
why dont u tell everyone where u got the rear rotor u fucking bitch ass thief.
Silvy looks good
Whoa there skippy.....this ain't a dating site :th_SmlyROFL:
:thumbsup::thumbsup: Nice one !!!
very nice sir. thank you for letting us help with your build.

we really appreciate it.:hail:
thanks for the list, Silvy... bastid... quit giving me ideas
Pink :gay: You big fruit cake.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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