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what do you guys think Track whoreable ?

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this is a 07

can get it for around 2,400.

i just want to fix it and track only.. do you guys think its worth it..

judging by the damage., He says the forks are stright frame just scratch.

needs a set of plastics , sub , dash who knows..

should i touch it??
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By the time you fix that you could have bought a decent one......stock.....and probably still end up ahead. Too many people are down on their luck these days for you to not find a better deal. Keep lookin'
From the looks of it I would question the integrity of the frame, it looks like the rear set is hanging off, I wonder if it broke off and what that did to the mounting points. And that is only from a quick glance at the pics.
i could probly get it for 2,000
No, not me man! That is a LOT of work!!!

You would be better off finding a wrecked (not completely in pieces) 600RR for about $3000.00

And would be MUCH better off!!!
i could probly get it for 2,000
Even ugly bitches need love and you're gonna wanna invest in your new track bike to some degree, one that you can rely on. Pass on it. But if you can get the guy below two, part it out!
It's a Yamaha.... HELL NO!!
you guys are right ..

whishing thinking on my behalf :(
this guy just calls me and says he'll do it for 1500. now... but no title ... hummm
wow maybee he'll call and give it to me for free.. jk i wouldnt touch that.. Jail is not my thang
here try this guy has a ton of nice bikes that could be used for a track bike and they are pretty cheap as well
If you think that bike is stolen....get away from it!
Go to the WERA site there are always tons of great deals on there.
Well if it's not stolen and you can get it as a track bike for 1500 I would jump on it. New parts for R1's are really inexpensive compared to other makes. I would make sure the forks are straight and inspect the frame but I would say you could easily have it track ready for 2500-3000 including purchase price.

I raced R1's and they are very good on the track. A full system kills the weak midrange and like I said replacement parts are cheap.
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