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what do you think of my PS?

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PhotoShop Requests??

what do you think of the color? i always wanted mine it white but it does kind look like an Yamaha color scheme

Im in a cast for the next 2 months so if someone would like me to photo shop colors or maybe something in or out of their bike please let me know cause im bored as hell!
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no white rims?
I think it looks great
alright ill do the wheels and post another pic soon gimme a day
With the wight wheels would look real good. Do like the it tho.
yea when i get a chance this weekend i am going to go over it and do it white and maybe make some other changes as well
ok had some time and did a quick PS for some white wheels

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yeah that looks really good.
tryed to fit them all in one post but wouldn't fit

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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