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what's your profession?

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i know we all ride brilliant machines, so how in the heck do you pay for this stuff?

what industry are you in? approx yearly income?

i'll start:
unemployment check = 1000RR goodies :)
part time working for airline = pays bills
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U.S. ARMY CPL. (RET), Now i work at a steel processing plant.
spc in the army reserves, commercial building superintendent.
commecial fisherman, charter fishing captain, Roofing and siding
Process Engineer at a Biotech company... how much $$$? not enough:thefinger:
Automated Applications Technician at Harley-Davidson
workin for a livin

Clinical Director for a treatment center in a prison, online instructor for two universities, my own consulting company and guitar lessons

my wife likes to buy shoes... :loco::loco:
mailman, mow yards to fund bike needs/wants
US Army Infantry, SGT
awesome!! keep them comin!!

strong US military presence representin'!
CNC Machinist
Full time student, Dental assistant, part time Pizza delivery. Poker funds the toys :)
parts slinger at a kawi/suzuki/yamaha dealer...and I ride a honda :) they love to fuck with me bout that too.
1 - 20 of 108 Posts
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